5 Night Bermuda Cruise

5 Night Bermuda Cruise

from 100.00

Date: July 24-29, 2020

Departure City: Cape Liberty, New Jersey


  • Taxes, fees and port expenses

  • Meals, drinks and excursions provided by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

  • True Nirvana Travel PRIVATE soirées

  • Tribe Travel swag bag

  • And more… (we can’t share all of the inclusions because we want to surprise you!)

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

5 Night Bermuda Cruise From Cape Liberty, New Jersey

Join the True Nirvana Family for our second annual Family Reunion Getaway to blissful Bermuda, onboard the Adventure of the Seas for an awesome time with family and friends. Come with an open heart to make new friends and create new family bonds.

Payment Schedule

Deposit: $100 per person- Due upon booking

Second Payment: $200 per person- Due October 5, 2019

Third Payment: $200 per person- Due December 5, 2019

Fourth Payment: $200 per person- Due February 5, 2020

Final Payment: Your Balance- Due April 5, 2020

This trip is meant for:

  • The traveler looking for a family oriented experience.

  • The traveler looking for the perfect balance of fun filled activities and relaxation.

  • The traveler that lives for epic and unforgettable moments.

  • The traveler that wants to meet new people and make memories of a lifetime.

Whether you are coming with family or you want to be around the love and bonds of family, this is the getaway for you!


Day 1: Friday - July 24, 2020

Depart Cape Liberty at 4pm.

Farewell New Jersey! Off we go on our adventure to Bermuda! Time to see what this blissful island has to offer us…

Join your True Nirvana Family for our welcome soirée. This is your opportunity to meet everyone cruising with the True Nirvana Family and have a great time!

Day 2: Saturday - July 25, 2020

Fun Day at Sea.

Take this time to enjoy the various activities available on the ship. From ice skating to rock climbing, there is something for everyone!

Day 3: Sunday - July 26, 2020

Hello Bermuda!

Arrives: 9am

Bermuda is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. Explore British colonial landmarks, pastel-painted estates and military strongholds on land, or tee off on a brilliantly green golf course. For endless underwater thrills, journey beneath the waves to discover enthralling sea life and historic reef wrecks all while enjoying legendary pink sand beaches and plenty of quirky, delicious places to dine.

Day 4: Monday - July 27, 2020

Enjoy our final day in beautiful Bermuda. Don’t forget to gather goodies and treats to take home for yourself and loved ones.

Depart: 5pm

Day 5: Tuesday - July 28, 2020

Fun Day at Sea.

Take this time to enjoy the various activities available on the ship. From ice skating to rock climbing, there is something for everyone!

Join your True Nirvana Family for our bon voyage soirée. One last gathering before we have to get back to reality…

Day 6: Wednesday - July 29, 2020

Arrive in Cape Liberty at 6am.

Enjoy one last breakfast before reality hits that your time is up in nirvana. No worries though, we have PLENTY of Tribe Travel experiences available so nirvana is only a click away!

Don’t forget to exchange contact information with your favorite people from this getaway. We see plenty of Tribe Travel experiences in your future!


Don’t forget to take advantage of all of the guides we’ve provided for each day! We curated those lists to match your needs and wants based on the questionnaire you filled out prior to your trip.