Turks & Caicos

When I think of Turks & Caicos I think of beautiful beaches, the Thursday night Fish Fry, and major crowds. I went to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos twice in 2016 ( June and December) because I had too much on my mind the first time and I didn't really get to take in the island the way I really wanted to. After my first visit I left thinking, "ehhh Turks & Caicos is aight... I love the beaches but I've seen better". Keep in mind I stayed at Beaches Turks & Caicos (the best family all inclusive resort on the island) in a spectacular suite at no cost... clearly I was tripping! My judgement was too clouded with relationship drama that I didn't realize all of the goodness I was blessed with. Once the cloud was gone and I could see clearly again I realized I was due for another trip to the island. I found great airfare with jetBlue (nonstop of course) for $200, booked an Airbnb and was off to Turks & Caicos for a redo!

Turks & Caicos is the island of rejuvenation. Visit this island if you are interested in a mix of relaxation and a bit of adventure. The ambiance is unbeatable and no other island compares to the level of all around comfort you'll feel there. For people traveling out of the country for the first time Turks & Caicos is perfect because they take US dollars, the island is very well built, its also super small and very safe. I felt very comfortable and simply safe riding around the island even though I only saw the cops one time during both of my visits when I was pulled over (don't ask haha). The people on the island are super cool so if you go alone making new friends won't be a problem. I was lucky enough to meet a fellow Gemini turned friend down there so don't be afraid to chat while you chill! The beaches are to die for, they don't and won't disappoint. The sand is white and the water is blue... whats better than that?! 

Pro's about the island:

  1. The beaches are to die for (yes I had to say it again).

  2. The food at most restaurants is definitely a 4-4.5/5 stars so your belly will be happy. SN: if the restaurant looks sketchy the food will be too so don't waste your time trying to discover the amazing hole in the wall... trust me.

  3. You can find great priced airfare to the island, pretty much year round.

Con's about Turks & Caicos:

  1. Expect crowds... lots of them. The beaches tend to draw crowds. Which I totally get, I mean they are beautiful but it sucks to be on a beach and not be able to vibe out because of the noise level.

  2. Everything is set at a high price point (aka expensive): the food, resorts, excursions, you name it you're going to spend bread (aka money).

  3. If you like to party, you're on the wrong island. Turks & Caicos is not the island to party hardy so don't expect to party like a rockstar there (this is a con for some but a pro for some as well).

Hotel/Resort Recommendations:

  1. Beaches Turks & Caicos for Family Friendly (All-inclusive): I love everything about this resort! There are a bunch of different villages on the resort ranging from the Caribbean village to the Italian village (my faves) all providing totally different experiences and cuisines to match their names. There is something for everyone at this resort, you can literally never be bored unless you choose to be of course. The staff is out of this world and the food is pretty good too. So definitely stay here if you want an all inclusive experience while on the island.

  2. Grace Bay Club for Family Friendly (hotel only): This resort has so many cool factors that made it a hit in my book. The Infiniti Restaurant has an awesome Infiniti bar looking out to the beach, lets just say the views and ambiance are marvelous. The hotel pool has one of those "see thru" fronts so you can take full body photos from outside the pool of someone inside the pool, its pretty cool!

  3. Gansevoort, Turks & Caicos for Couples & Friend trips: I really really really love this resort! Its so chic and just a major vibe! It is a boutique hotel so you won't get too many crowds. The rooms are outstanding, the food is bomb and the vibe is just so right. Also, the fish fry is right by it so if you stay here you'll have first dibs on everything fried.

  4. Amanyara for Luxury: If you want to ball out in Turks & Caicos, this is the place to stay! Everything about this resort exudes excellence and just greatness. The rooms are to die for plus they're super private and also very dope. Just trust me when I say this is the place to stay for the ultimate luxury experience.

  5. Ports of Call Resort for a "Bang for your Buck":This resort is in a great location, the rooms are descent, the rates are awesome and the rate includes breakfast so you really can't beat it.

Restaurant Recommendations:

  1. The Thursday night Fish fry- I love fried food so I was in heaven here. The shrimp, conch, bruh Im drooling just thinking about it!

  2. Zest @ the Gansevoort Hotel had amazing curry goat!

  3. The Pool & Beach Restaurant @ The Palms has the best conch fritters on the island!

  4. The Patty Place on Grace Bay- if you like seafood try to the shrimp patty... thank me later.

  5. Mango Reef for the lobster, hands down!

One more thing...

  1. Skip the excursions on the island and get a rental car and explore the island.

  2. If you don't get a rental car, rent a vespa for the day.

  3. Always remember to give way when driving (thank me later).

  4. Seriously, go to the fish fry, its so fun!

  5. Buy your water at the grocery store.

Written by:

Shateequa Pharis

Founder of True Nirvana Travel

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