Coachella 2018

As I prepare to head on my second Coachella experience I felt it was only right that I blogged about my first experience and how much I am anticipating my second run.

Coachella… where do I begin?! Let’s start with the insane traffic there is to enter into the camp grounds. OMG that was some of the worst traffic I have ever experienced and I am from New York City so that should say a lot. My three amigas and I sat in traffic for at least six hours just to enter into the campgrounds we would be staying in for the next four nights. Once we reached the entrance we were “pressed” by security to surrender all of our drugs or have our wristbands taken away. I was grateful I didn’t have drugs but honestly if I did I wouldn’t have turned them over to security; I don’t give drugs to strangers :-)

Finally we made it on the camp grounds and were able to settle in! Being the over the top person that I am, I wanted to have the ultimate Coachella experience so camping was a MUST! We rented a Jucy Van which is similar to an R.V. minus the bathroom. My friends were not 100% with it at first but I am pretty good at convincing people to do random things and guess what… they LOVED it! We all felt like hippies… showering in rolling bathrooms, living off peanut butter sandwiches and gummy bears… man it was awesome.


The festival itself was amazing of course! There were so many awesome performers there: Sza, Tyler the Creator, Alina Baraz and Queen Beyonce graced us all with her presence. I was fortunate enough to see Beyonce front row and when I tell you I never screamed so much in my life. My friends had to grab our spot around noon for a performance that didn’t take place until midnight but it was totally worth their wait (hehe). My life was made that night… I will never forget watching my Auntie bless the world with her angel vocals.

Food… Now food is super important. I mean its how we get our nutrients and survive right?! Well, Coachella food is so bomb and did not disappoint. I kind of binged on the lobster Mac so I can't really talk about much else (lol). When I tell you that lobster Mac hit every spot and then some, OMG! They made an excellent choice with their food vendors. There is something for everyone, no matter your diet. Coachella is just super inclusive and thats why they hold so much power. The vibes at Coachella are some of the best festival vibes I have ever experienced. Everyone is spreading love, sharing and just being peaceful beings. I loved how I felt that entire weekend. I wanted to bottle up the energy and share it with everyone because if the world could be more like Coachella it would be a much better place.

I cannot wait to go this year! I leave in less than a week for L.A. and I still have so much to do! My outfits are Coachella chic, as they should be. My hair is well fabulous and my nails… well darling my nails are everything! I promise to blog and share the details of this year much sooner than I did for 2018. This is the 20 year anniversary of Coachella so I am expecting an unforgettable experience… I can’t wait!


Peace and Travel.

Photos by: True Nirvana Photography