Viva Las Vegas with Shaunda Necole

During my last visit to Las Vegas I had the pleasure of interviewing the Instagram phenomenon and real estate agent Shaunda Necole. She is not only as bubbly as her photos present her to be but she is also a kind and sweet spirited person. She had no problem taking time out of her busy, bicoastal, entrepreneurial schedule to chat with me which spoke volumes of her character. Being a Las Vegas vet of 15 years, I knew she had the inside scoop on the “must do’s” in the city. Of course I was right; she shined a light on Vegas that opened my eyes up to the city and I believe it will do the same thing for you.

Shaunda at the 7 Magic Mountains.

Shaunda at the 7 Magic Mountains.

Shaunda is a mother of two children: a daughter who is a hairstylist and color specialist (this explains her spectacular hair) and a son who has been running track for half a decade. She also has two fur babies; Courtly the cat being the most popular of the two. She loves exploring and is happy to have a partner who not only loves to explore as well but also takes wonderful photos. Shaunda not only runs a real estate business but she also runs a business selling accessories to cheerleaders. I mean if she isn’t your entrepreneurial goals then I don’t know who is!

She is bicoastal between Las Vegas and Virginia but will be moving to Las Vegas permanently very soon. Why Vegas you might wonder… well Shaunda loves Vegas. She feels like its an interesting place like nowhere else in the world. I must say after visiting Vegas about half a dozen times, I can agree with her on this. Shaunda especially loves Vegas because of the deserts natural beauty and of course, the red rock. In addition, she loves the accessibility, luxurious lifestyle, first class dining, attractions and all of the things there is to do in Vegas. “Everytime you go back to Vegas there’s always something new to do.” Las Vegas is a developing city so the city is in a constant flux of construction. This is how Vegas maintains its “so much to do” vibe.

Shaunda in the Mojave Desert.

Shaunda in the Mojave Desert.

Shaunda’s MUST do’s in Las Vegas:

  • Go to a concert. There are always A-list performers in Vegas. “It’s on trend now to have a Vegas residency.” I can definitely confirm this after seeing Lady GaGa, Mariah Carey and the Backstreet Boys (to name a few) were all in town during my visit. Drake, Cardi B and Christina Aguilera also announced residencies for 2019 so the list is clearly growing.

  • Spend the day in a hotel. “Each hotel has its own feature attractions, shows and so much to do!” You can literally go to a hotel and enjoy different activities for an entire day.

  • See a show. There are so many options but Cirque du Soleil shows are pretty popular.

  • Eat on the strip. Specifically at the Cosmopolitan buffet. Not only is Wicked Spoon one of the best buffets on the strip but it also has the luxurious atmosphere that most buffets lack.

Shaunda at the Cirque du Soleil Zumanity show.

Shaunda at the Cirque du Soleil Zumanity show.

Shaunda’s favorite restaurants in Las Vegas:

  • Texas de Brazil restaurant in Town Square (north of the strip)- because of the amazing experience and fresh carved meats.

  • Public School in Downtown Summerlin- for great burgers and fries.. oh and for good dips! Apparently they have a BBQ mustard dip that’s splendid… Shaunda totally recommends it. Remind me to try this during my next visit, please!

  • Pretty much any gourmet restaurant- there are plenty of gourmet options in Las Vegas so you won’t have a problem finding some good options. Shaunda’s husband says, “[she] likes a little bit of food for a whole lot of money” because of her gourmet tastebuds.

  • Buffets on the strip- because they all offer their own unique experience. Her favorite buffet on the strip is in Treasure Island. A tip from Shaunda: if you’re staying in the hotel you can ask if they have “buy one get one free” coupons for the buffet. “They always have them but no longer offer them, so just ask.”

Shaunda’s other faves:

  • The linens at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas: “The Four Seasons has the best linens… magnificent pillows!” So if you are in need of a good nights sleep, the Four Season is the place to be.

Shaunda enjoying her view of Las Vegas from her room in the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas.

Shaunda enjoying her view of Las Vegas from her room in the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas.

  • The Summerlin community: for nice shopping. Summerlin is a suburban town and will give you a break from the city life of the strip while still maintaining the “many options” reputation Las Vegas is building.

Shaunda taking a break from shopping in Summerlin.

Shaunda taking a break from shopping in Summerlin.

Shaunda’s dream vacation- “I heard Dubai is Las Vegas on steroids and I must see it!”

Shaunda’s final words- “Traveling the world means everything to me. It allows you to have a better perspective on life. The more you see the more flexible you are.”

Shaunda’s enthusiasm for Vegas gave me a different perspective on the city and shined a new light on it. Speaking with her, it was clear to me that she really loves Vegas which in turn made me love it a little more too. She not only helped me navigate through Las Vegas like a local but she also made me excited to watch Vegas grow. For that, thank you Shaunda- you are truly amazing! 

Peace & Travel.

Photos by: Shaunda Necole


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