Welcome to our Tribe

Here at True Nirvana, we believe in exclusivity with a splash of inclusivity. As long as you come with love in your heart, pure intentions and a fascination for travel you are welcome. We go into every getaway with an open mind and heart because there is so much to gain from each destination.

We offer something for everyone. You want to party? We got you. You want to relax in serenity? We got you too. Oh, you want to do a little bit of both and enjoy nature at the same time? No problem. From food to fashion we’ve got you covered. We have over a decade of experience in the travel industry and we are very familiar with the world that we live in.

The best part about all of this is that you get a team of professionals that make sure you get a glimpse at nirvana. Its truly a beautiful thing and you are so lucky!

How do we do it? We use a formula of course…

Euphoria is written in your destiny.

We are not here to promise you the perfect vacation. We are here to provide you with your true nirvana.

These itineraries are much more than what you’ve seen about these destinations on social media. Yes, you will be captivated by so much beauty you have to take a moment and stand in awe. Yes, you will eat local cuisine and have local experiences. But you will also see the destinations for what they truly are, engulf yourself in the culture and let go of any fears you have in regards to travel. Enjoy the destination for what it is and not the facade you’ve seen in pictures or the stories you’ve heard in the news. Experiencing the real is how you make way to your perfect happiness.

We ask you.

You are the most important component to each and every trip you take. So learning what you enjoy doing allows us to tailor certain components of your trip specifically to you.

Solo Travelers are always welcome.

If you’re solo, even better! You get to mix and mingle with everyone without your travel bestie getting jealous. If you don’t want to book a single room we can place you with a roommate. This not only will lower your rate but you’ll also gain an instant BFF (select solo double at check out).

Harmony is key.

We believe in community and togetherness so you will find that dynamic in each itinerary. We will eat together, laugh together and most importantly find pieces of our true nirvana together.

Live your life.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility our experiences provide our clients. This flexibility allows you to take advantage of other things you may want to do like sightsee, shopping, sleeping… quite frankly you can do whatever feels right to you. Being able to make your own decisions is important. You are the boss of your vacation.

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